CRM software for Android tablet PC

Wednesday, October 15

CRM for Android tablet PC

Your business is nowadays a lot more mobile in time and space.

If you need a platform that can centralize your sales opportunities, support tickets, contact/agenda management, marketing or mass mailing campaigns, your documents or your important emails , then your need Simple CRM. Simple CRM software is Android PC tablet and it can be accessible anytime from everywhere.

Simple CRM is a collaboration platform compatible with all web browsers thanks to a 4096 bites SSL cryptic connection: Simple CRM is the online CRM that you were waiting for.

Simple CRM: the CRM Android tablets solution

- CRM compatible with Gmail

- CRM compatible with Google Apps (Google Application)

- Contacts synchronization between Simple CRM and your Android PC tablet

- Calendar synchronization between Simple CRM and your Android PC tablet with an ICAL protocol or a Google Apps synchronization

- Important emails saving from your Android PC tablet to Simple CRM

- CRM software compatible with all Android PC tablet models and all Android versions.

More information on Simple CRM :

This CRM platform collaborative work oriented is also:

- An iPhone CRM software

- An iPad CRM software

- An Android (Android mobile phone) CRM software

- A Windows CRM software

- A Mac CRM software

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